1. Must be nominated by at least one of the members, charities unfortunately cannot self nominate.
  2. Must be a registered charity/not-for-profit and able to issue tax receipts as per CRA.
  3. Must be established for at least a year.
  4. Must commit to spending funds received locally and in our community. Funds may not be dispersed nationally or internationally.
  5. Must accept that the winning charity will receive 100% of the proceeds. The two other charities may be invited/nominated for future event.
  6. A charity/not-for-profit that wins may no longer be eligible for future nomination. Subject to change based on availabilty of future charities.
  7. The chosen charity must commit to attending one of the next two meetings to give a brief presentation on how the funds raised were used/dispersed.
  8. Charities are not able to provide any handouts or use PowerPoint etc for their presentation.